Why join the marketing programs for x1store?

Because x1store Offers you the most powerful marketing programs in the Arab world with the least effort marketing and the higher commission, without need to bea professional designer or to have a site or server or have a bank account.

Is the site free and why do I have to buy products from X1Store for registration?

Our website is already free but we don’t give a discount or commission for the first sale process because we aspire to join ambitious and serious people to work with us on a continuous basis and therefore we provided them the most highest commission in Egypt and the Arab world, and we pleased that our new partner has a great shopping experience from our website x1store where we show him the easy of purchase process, the quality of the product and the speed of shipping , knowing that we don’t commit to buy a specific product in addition to that our price are the cheapest ever from any other electronic mall.

Why does the registration of the VIP program require a purchase bill of 1000 LE while the normal program requires a bill for purchases of LE 300?

Due to difference in the amount of discounts and commissions between the two systems and the other advantages enjoyed by VIP program in terms of nomination a specific product wants to be available on our store to sell it or to receive the full discount the buyer in addition to the commission through the marketing link.

If I were a beginner how can I make money after registering on the site and can I be assisted by technical support?

You can easily give the discount code given to you after registering to anyone by posting it in social media or posting it as gifts to your friends at work and any product that will be purchased from the site using your code will give you immediate commission, and if you want us to nominate a product Or a number of products that are widely sold on our website , you can communicate with the technical support team who seeking to serve you.

How can I order a new product that is not available at your store and when it will be provided?

You can order a product that not is available in our store to be provided only in case you are a member of the VIP program and will be provided in our store within a week (in case the product is allowed to trade in the Republic of Egypt)

When will the profits of the sale process enter my private portfolio?

The amount of your commission is placed in your wallet when the product delivery to the customer and is suspended for a period of 14 days (according to the refund policy) and then you are allowed to request your commission and making profits.

When can I receive my profits?

You can receive your profits at the beginning of each month (from 4thto 7thday). You can receive the payment through any bank account, Vodafone Cash, PayPal or CIB or attend to receive payment from our Nasr City office at any time without waiting for the beginning of the month.

Can I receive my profits at any time without waiting for the start of the month?

Yes, of course you can receive your profits at any time without waiting for the beginningthe month, but you will receive your profits inside the company's headquarters only. If you want to receive your profits in other ways without attending the administrative headquarters of the company,an administrative fee of 25 Egyptian pounds will be added.

Is there a minimum profit draw?

There is no minimum to withdraw your profits.

Why is each program linked to an annual renewal date and are there any renewal costs?

In case you are a special partner for us, there is no renewal fees, and you will be rewarded as described in each membership program. If you are a partner but are not interested in cooperating with us at the moment, the membership will be terminated after the completion of the year from the date of participation in the program. And we are pleased to join us again at any convenient time for you to achieve your profits.